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Is Your Email Safe?
According to a recent alert from the FBI, cyber thieves stole nearly $215 million from businesses in the last 14 months using a scam that starts when business executives or employees have their email accounts hijacked. - Jan, 2015

Email is too commonly used in today business communication, unfortunately many businesses underestimate the value of their data and information asset. Over the years, many customers switched to Google Apps due to the lack of security and privacy protection in their obsolete email platforms.

Just like what you see in a movie, some of our customers encountered corporate spy trying to steal their information prior moving to cloud platform. Those spy and hackers usually target users email, on-premise email server and file servers. In a critical case, several company's executives laptops are stolen, the valuable information left in their email client / Outlook are gone.

How confident are you on your current setup?

You may doubt on the security of Cloud services. In fact, most cloud services come with SSL encryption, 2-factors authentication, email encryption etc which are hardly available in on-premise setup unless huge investment is spent on it.

Do you know that IT admin can easily read your email in on-premise server without you knowing it and without leaving a trace?

Do you have a real-time archiving or back plan in case your data is erased or destroyed? 

There is a solid reason why online banking is done through web browser and not a software client like Outlook.

User Awareness

And often, the weakest link of security is always on the user. Are your employees equipped with the skills and knowledge on how to protect their data assets and prevent them from email hijack and scam?

Email Compliance

Do you have a data security protocol, privacy policy and compliance in your company? With the enforcement of Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), email compliance in a company has become a must and if the company is not complying to the standard, they will get into legal troubles.

Let Us Help You to Protect Your Data Today.

We have years of experience in email security and protocol and coped with latest security knowledge and skills in cloud environment. Whether you are just trying to understand more in this topic or wish to implement a proper data security plan for your company, we are here for you. Please fill up the form below to start.

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