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Frequently Asked Questions on G Suite

1. What is the charge for G Suite and Payment Plan?

The official price of Google Apps is USD5 per user per month or USD50 per user year. Please contact us for local price (RM).

2. Why buy through Google Cloud Partner?

Google does not provide front-end and on-side support. Google recommends engagement with partners for deployment, data migration and support and views their partners as a critical component of the customer experience. Besides, we offer additional services such as consultation, training and on-site support.

3. Do I pay more when buy through Google Cloud Partner?

No. In fact you pay less and get more extra services from partner. Google only accept US dollar viacredit card if you subscribe directly. You may encounter problems such as credit card interest and limit, currency fluctuations and accounting transaction issue. Please contact us for the fair price.

4. How long is the migration and will there be a downtime?

There will be no downtime in receiving and sending email. For small scale migration, it normally takes half day to switch over and another day to move over the existing emails to Google Apps. For more than 200 users, it might takes 1-2 weeks to fully migrate all existing emails. Please note that during email migration, users still can send and receive emails.

5. What do I need to setup Google Apps?

You will need a domain in order to setup Google Apps, web hosting account is not necessary. If you have a domain or hosting already, we will need the hosting account access permission (username and password) to setup Google Apps for you.

If your domain is registered in Malaysia Domain Registrar ( / .my), you will need a web hosting or DNS Hosting to configure the setting. See next question.

6. What is domain DNS and MX Record?

Domain DNS and MX Record is the system to manage your email delivery route which is needed to configure Google Apps. Most of the web hosting providers allow account holder to change their MX Record, if your web hosting provider does not allow any changes to the MX Record, we can help you to migrate your website to a better hosting platform.

7. What is included in G Suite Setup Service?

Other than setting up Google Apps, we also provide free online and phone support. On-site training service is available to teach Google Apps users to manage their work and emails more efficiently. Please contact us for full Training Service Details.

8. Is there any G Suite (Google Apps for Work) Demo Account?

Yes, please contact us for demo account. We also provides 30 days Free Trial for Google Apps.

9. Is there any Non-disclosure Agreement or Service Level Agreement?

  1. Yes, Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be provided upon request and there will be additional charges of MYR220 including stamp duty.
  2. Our Google Apps Setup service service level agreement will be provided upon request.
  3. Google Apps Free Edition is not covered by Google SLA. Click here for Google Apps For Business SLA.

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G Suite Partner by Google Cloud

Google Apps for Work
Gmail for Business
30GB per custom email like
Google Calendar
Organize your schedule and share events with friends.
Google Docs
Share online documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.
Google Sites
Create websites, company intranet and team project.
Google Drive for Business
Gives you a single place for up-to-date versions of your files from anywhere.
Google Vault
Extra Addon for archiving, e-discovery and information governance
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