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G Suite Training and Support

Structured training programs to help your IT admin and end-users migrate and transition to G Suite for Business or Education.

Service Utilization and Reduce Learning Curve

Admin and User training program are designed to ensure that your employees are fully aware of the capabilities of Google Apps and how to take advantage of the new features and facilities of Google's online service.

Some features which your employees have used in previous applications which may not be available in Google Apps or where the same result is achieved in a different way, our training is aimed to minimize the change impact on the user experience.

We now offers series of structured training courses to educate and support your employees and new joiners.

Face-to-Face Classroom Training

On-site training courses are delivered in a series of concise 2 hour sessions to minimize business impact and are informative and engaging. The sessions are instructor led with small numbers of attendees. Full day (6 hours) training are available as well.

Virtual Classroom Training

The training is conducted using Video / Web conferencing method to reduce lost time and saving money. Training materials are viewed online through a web browser and your employees talk direct to their instructor over the microphone.

Training Strcuture

Our training programs are designed based on Google Learning Center, all training material will be available online in our web portal. We also encourage trainee to do live hands-on training. Please contact us for more information.

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G Suite Partner by Google Cloud

Google Apps for Work
Gmail for Business
30GB per custom email like
Google Calendar
Organize your schedule and share events with friends.
Google Docs
Share online documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.
Google Sites
Create websites, company intranet and team project.
Google Drive for Business
Gives you a single place for up-to-date versions of your files from anywhere.
Google Vault
Extra Addon for archiving, e-discovery and information governance
Additional Cloud Services:
  • Google Apps Deployment
  • Email Migration
  • Mail Server Configuration
  • Email Platform Consultation
  • On-Site Training and Support
  • Google Apps Script
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Case Studies:
  • “Spam & virus filtering program in the market has limited effect and with limited mailbox size.” - Mr Lau Hon Wan, IT manager

    Everly Group Gone Google
  • “I love Google Apps so much and I always help to promote it to my customer. I also highly recommend the great service provided by Innochannel.” - Mr Bryan Cheong, CEO

    Syntax Technologies Gone Google
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