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Increase 300% Sales and Traffic from Internet

If you think that having a website will automatically bring more business to you, it's time to think about it again. There are billion of websites out there, even we narrow it down to the same industry of yours, there will still be quite a number of websites competing with yours.

Just like any other businesses, Marketing is necessary to get attention from the crowds. Social Network Marketing, Email Campaign, List Building, Article Submissions, Web Directory...With so many methods to promote your business, you need make sure that you're using the up-to-date and valid methods to do it.

It's Not Just About SEO

You probably heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other jargon that is so confusing and leading you the wrong direction. Down to the road, all you wanted is to have more customers, isn't it?

Stop wasting your valuable time in figuring out all the Internet Marketing Myths, let us help you with that so that you can focus more on your business.

While most of the people talking about increasing their website position in Search Engine Result Page (SERP), getting higher PageRank, link building, do you happen to know why should you do that too before following the stream? All of these are just a method to bring you more traffic and there are plenty more efficient ways to get traffic to your website! It's time to think about cost and efficiency, I'm sure you will not want to spend your decent money on methods that might no longer works tomorrow.

While on-page SEO is relatively important, off-page SEO is getting less impact with the advanced algorithm of Google search nowadays. SERP is towards personalized experience, each users have their own search engine results computed by their web browsing behavior, manipulating SERP is near impossible nowadays.

It's Not Just About Advertisement too

So you might have tried or heard of Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

It is not a rocket science but it definitely not worth your time and energy to manage the advertisement campaign yourself, just to save some money. With our Google Certified Adwords Specialists, we are here to help you to achieve best ROI of your investment.

But Internet Marketing is not about doing advertisement as well, advertisement is merely a method to get your more traffic to your website, it does not directly result in converting visitors into customers!

So, What is Internet Marketing?

In layman term, Internet Marketing is to build an Online Business. Internet Marketing also can be defined as strategy to create funnels to reach the desired target audience and convert them into customers. Our Internet Marketing service does not limited to technical implementation but comes with full research, analysis, consultancy and implementation that deliver the best result to your business. It covers the following aspects:

  1. Business Analysis – To know your business, industry and competitors etc.
  2. Content Analysis – Do you provide what the visitor looking for?
  3. Traffic Analysis – Analyze the visitor behaviors in your website and make improvement.
  4. Brain Storming – Giving you the ideas of website presentation and marketing strategy.
  5. Search Engine Optimization – Making sure your website and content are good for human and search engine.
  6. Client Database – The email list, building a list is the most crucial thing in every businesses.
  7. Publicity – Social Media Marketing, Adwords, Content Marketing and so to drive traffic.
  8. Strategic Planning – Step by step plan to build your business online.

What Next?

Talk to us if you are ready to increase your Sales from the Internet, to build a new sales funnel out of traditional business model. Our service is to help you to build your online business, not just about SEO, Blasting Emails or doing online Ads.

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