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GoEatOut and InnoChannel

GoEatOut objective is to assist you to catch up with the trend and find a better way to expand you business through Internet in low cost.

Since the first public launch on April 1st 2008, GoEatOut has an average of 60,000 visitors with more than 600,000 pageviews monthly. GoEatOut is also ranked above other food and beverage portals in Kuala Lumpur according to and Google Analytics Website Benchmarking.

InnoChannel Sdn Bhd is established on November 2007 with the aim of helping restaurants to fully utilized the advantages of the Internet to gain more customers. The Project GoEatOut - Food and Dining Portals goes beyond a website to provide a solution to restaurant's owner in the perspectives of:

Service Continuity

We continuously promote your restaurant to the public to build up your brand.

Cost and Time Effectiveness

We help you to save your valuable time and money in Internet Marketing.

Market Expansion

We help you to make good use of the Internet to secure the future market.



Provide The Latest and Accurate Information to Public.

Provide Excellent Services to Our Clients and Users.


Become a Representational Food and Dining Portal in Malaysia.

Assist Restaurants to Expand Their Business Using The Internet.

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