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Frequently Asked Questions on GoEatOut

1. Why is GoEatOut different from other food and beverage portals?

We serve as your first gateway in Restaurant Internet Marketing. GoEatOut helps you to promote and update your restaurant info across social websites, forums, news portals, e-newsletter, web directories while other websites are only limited to their website’s listing.

2. How many visitors/pageviews do GoEatOut have?

We've more than 3,000 visitors / 10,000 pageviews in normal days and more than 8,000 visitors / 80,000 pageviews during special occasions. Our growth rate is about 60% monthly.

3. Where do your Statistic Data comes from? Can I access into it?

We use Google Analytics and in-house tracking system to track the data. Unlike others, we are being transparent to our clients, you will be given access to our Google Analytics Account to see clicks and pageviews on your restaurant promotions or content.

4. What is your Visitor’s Demographic?

92% of our visitors come from Klang Valley. Please contact us for a detailed Demographic report.

5. Will there be a Chinese/Malay version of GoEatOut?

English is a common language, if your current customers are only limited to Malay or Chinese, we definitely can help you attract new customers groups. However, we have planned to launch Malay and Chinese version by 2010.

6. How does GoEatOut promote itself?

We promote GoEatOut by promoting your restaurant! We have the most complete and up to date promotions and restaurants list in Klang Valley, people first stop to look for food. Besides, we advertise in Facebook, Google, Cari while also being introduced by Bloggers, magazines and newspapers.

7. How do my restaurant stand out from other GoEatOut Clients?

We will feature your latest promotions and happening on hot spots with high click through rate. The more frequent you send us latest happenings, the more frequent your restaurant will be spotted on hot spots.

8. What other services do you have?

Our other services includes Web Design and Internet Marketing Consultation. We are also collaborating with Magazine reporter, Photographer and Printing Firm to provide any services that you needed in restaurant marketing.

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